Packaging List

Pottsville Self Storage have a range of packing materials to help you maximise your storage space and keep your items is good condition while in storage. We stock a range of packaging options, including cartons, bubble wrap, mattress protectors and padlocks to keep your items safe.
Item description
Book or Wine Carton/box
406 x 298 x 432mm
Tea Chest Carton/box
431 x 406 x 596mm
Cube Large Carton/box
620 x 620 x 620mm
Flat Linen Carton/box
915 x 505 x 320mm
Monitor Carton
900 x 500 x 330mm
Picture Carton
1050 x 800 x 80mm
Porta Robe Large
Includes rail
Mattress Protector
Fits Queen to small King size
Mattress Protector
Single bed
Commercial Packing Tape
48mm x 75 metres
Bubble Wrap - Packaging
Perforated at each metre, can roll off any length
Extra large carry bags
White Packing Paper
50 sheets
Able Brass Padlock
Able Brass Padlock
Able Diskette Padlock