Need to store archived documents, your motorbike or a whole house of furniture? Pottsville Self Storage have secure storage options for all this and more.
Ask us about undercover storage for your boat, caravan, trailer, truck or car. Competitive rates for all of your storage needs.
Need help working out how big a storage unit you require? Use our storage estimator to work out the best size facility for your needs.
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Secure, Affordable and Self storage options in Pottsville



When you have run out of space at home, in the yard or at the office, call for the assistance of Pottsville Self Storage. Whether you need affordable storage for your furnishings, caravan, boat or office documents, you can trust that we have the space and security to handle these items for you. Let us equip you with the packing materials and know-how to ensure your items are kept safe and accessible for you, all at reasonable rates.

Call us for a free quote on our storage units, packing cartons or undercover storage in Pottsville.
Storage - Pottsville Self Storage in Pottsville, NSW
Storage - Pottsville Self Storage in Pottsville, NSW
Storage Room - Pottsville Self Storage in Pottsville, NSW