Storage Tips

Pottsville Self Storage has drive-up storage units available in 3 different sizes. To help you maximise the space available in your storage unit and to ensure a simple moving process, we have included some tips on preparing items for storage.

Preparing & Packing Your Items For Storage

Plan your storage before you begin. This will allow you to map out where items can be placed and make a smoother process on the day. When creating your storage 'map', leave room around the perimeter for air to circulate. If necessary, leave a walkway to access the items you require most often (and place these items at the front of the unit).

Utilise cartons as much as possible, it will reduce the number of items for you to move. We provide cartons and packing tape designed for moving and storage, which we highly recommend.

Tea chest cartons are extra thick, making them ideal for stacking. Stack lighter cartons on top of heavier ones and utilise the space as much as you can by stacking multiple cartons where possible.

Books, Files and Documents

  • When packing documents, Pottsville Self Storage recommends archive boxes. These are a one-piece box that does not require taping, saving you money
  • Archive cartons are made from thick cardboard and are suitable for stacking
  • If you require regular access to your documents, we recommend shelving your archive boxes, or stacking in rows to allow you room to retrieve necessary boxes
  • Pottsville Self Storage can supply you with shelving if required
  • Stack books flat in the book cartons, taking care not to overload them as they will become heavy and hard to manoeuvre

Furniture, Mattresses & Soft Furnishings

  • Cover soft furniture, mattresses and cushions with plastic sheeting to stop moisture absorption and mildew forming on your upholstery
  • Cardboard, plastic or blankets can be used to protect your furnishings from dust
  • Leather furniture needs to breathe, so give it a thorough clean before storing and leave uncovered
  • Don't place sharp objects or heavy items on top of upholstered furniture
  • If your table cannot be disassembled, cushion and cover the tabletop and lay it face down on the floor. Items can then be stacked on top of it
  • Stack chairs seat on top of seat, with acid-free paper in between the cushions

Glassware, Crockery & Breakables

  • Pack breakables in sturdy cartons and mark as FRAGILE
  • Line the top and bottom of each carton for extra protection
  • Place plates, saucers and bowls in the carton sideways to prevent breakage and fill any spare space with packing paper, bubble wrap or tissue paper
  • Foam protects your crockery from breaks and glass socks can be wrapped around glasses to stop cracking
  • Mirrors and paintings or framed items should be wrapped in sturdy cardboard or placed in a suitable carton

Electronics, Gardening Equipment & Power Tools

  • Empty petrol and oil from the tanks of any power tools, mowers, whipper snippers or motorbikes
  • Fridges and freezers should be thoroughly cleaned and dry before placing in storage. Store them with the door open slightly to prevent mildew
  • When possible, pack electronics in the manufacturer's packaging (foam and boxes) or ask the team at Pottsville Self Storage for a suitable alternative
  • Barbecues and stoves should be cleaned of any food scraps and oil before storing
  • Do not store items inside your whitegoods
  • If possible, store your power tools in boxes to prevent dust or moisture exposure
  • Box up unusually shaped items and collapse things where possible to give you more floor space

Clothing, Apparel & Linen

  • Dilute some clove oil in water and spray in boxes filled with clothes to reduce mould
  • Put linen in vacuum bags to maximise space and for easier transporting
  • Port-a-robe cartons are best for storing clothes

Metal Objects

  • Wrap any silver items in acid-free tissue to prevent tarnishing
  • Wipe down metal items with machine oil on a soft cloth to reduce corrosion and rust
  • Keep metal items away from stained furnishings

Not Suitable For Storage

Some items are not designed to be left unattended for long periods of time and are therefore unsuitable for storage. These include:
  • Living items such as plants
  • Perishables such as food (unless tinned)
  • Flammable items such as paint thinner, solvent, petrol or paint
  • Batteries, including those in battery operated devices such as remotes
  • Gas bottles
Pottsville Self Storage prohibits the storage of illegal items.